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Quality is our primal focus. Our aim is to provide an end-to-end chatbot quality assurance platform. Our platform simplifies the mundane tasks of chatbot testing. Chatbots are the face of businesses. If they are of high quality, it will increase both business and productivity. Using AI and Machine Learning, we want to make intelligent automated solution in order to improve the quality of chatbots.


Record and Run tool automates the regression testing for your chatbots. Simply record the test cases and then re-run them, whenever required. It saves you the manual effort of typing and maintaining spreadsheets.

All your test cases maintained for you on Cloud. No need of writing any code or scripts, just sign in and start using. Get your test results instantly

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Save time

Reduce regression testing time from weeks to minutes. Our tool makes manual testing more efficient and fast.

Easy to use

Test automation for all, from novice to experts. Easy to record and easier to run in codeless test editor.

Real time Insights

Get instant insight into your testing progress. Helps you determine the risk to release your chatbot.


Record once run for every version. Efficiently manage test cases and test runs. Helps maximize reuse and maintainability.


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